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Since 1993, LIFE PARTNERS EUROPE has been specialised in the trade of medical digestive and respiratory devices. These products offer little invasive therapy which, by providing improved care, reduces hospitalisation costs and improves healthcare quality.

LIFE PARTNERS EUROPE has become the largest independent distributor of endoscopy devices in France and one of the largest in Europe. Today LPE plays a major role on the French market and most new suppliers contact us in the first place, allowing us to choose the most innovative and cost-effective products.

LIFE PARTNERS EUROPE is present in France through a team of 25 people and through its network of distributors, in more than twenty European and North Africa countries. Exports account for 53 % of its sales.

Both in France and abroad alike, LIFE PARTNERS EUROPE, works with the scientist company, Société Française d’Endoscopie Digestive, and the main opinion leaders through multiples scientific assessments and studies. LIFE PARTNERS EUROPE takes part in most national and regional conventions, as well as major European and American conventions.

Since 2002, its organisation has complied with the ISO 9001 quality standards. With its excellent financial performance the company has been able to secure the G37 rating consistently since 2003, the highest Banque de France rating.

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LIFE PARTNERS EUROPE’s strategy consists in establishing true relations of trust and partnership with its clients, suppliers and employees.

In order to improve its availability and optimise its service to customers, LIFE PARTNERS EUROPE’s offices are open all day long every working day from 8 am to 6.30 p.m.

List of suppliers

Name Location Product
Wilson China Endoscopic accessories
Jihong China Endoscopic accessories
US Endoscopy USA Endoscopic accessories
Nova Light France EasyLife balloons
Neitum France Chromo endoscopy
Derm Tech France Chromo endoscopy
Hyaltech United Kingdom Gel pour ESD
MI-Tech South Korea Digestive stents
Ovesco Germany Clip